Pharrell Williams x Palladium “Tokyo Rising”

Pharrell Williams took a trip to Tokyo, Japan recently, in support of an campaign for Palladium Boots.

As part of a KarmaloopTV video series, the hip-hop star explores the city in a five-part documentary, titled “Tokyo Rising.” Directed by Thalia Mavros, cameras follow Williams as he meets up with the city’s creative class to see what’s being done to keep Tokyo thriving following the tragedy that they call 3/11, after the U.S. own tragic day, 9/11.

The artists of the city are hell-bent on making sure that their hometown thrives. Innovative and resilient, they are defining the future of Tokyo on their own terms.

Wearing Palladium Boots, Pharrell tours the city with various artists — including a visit to Ambush Studio to meet with Verbal (rapper) and Yoon (designer), who talk about the earthquake, both of whom explain that day and the aftermath such as food shortation, the nuclear spill, and more.

The 30-minute clip also a trip to the underground flood system that tunnels under miles of the city to help push water into the ocean so the streets don’t flood; demonstrations against nuclear power; an artist center called 3331; and even a stroll through the red-light district of Tokyo called Kabuki-cho with art group Chim Pom, who visit a secret bar for drinks.

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