Kanye West x Jay-Z “Made In America” [Official FanMade Video]

AccessGrantedTV put together their own interpolation of The Throne feat. Frank Ocean’s “Made In America.” Stop for a few minutes and take a look at another side of the story.

 Made in America.

This song motivates a range of connotations and emotions within the minds of different listeners. Art, or powerful art at least, raises flags and may offend some people; there are some people will not understand it, don’t get it or cannot relate to it. But then there are the group of people who hear or see a piece of art and are affected by the content and it raises questions and discussions within that group. For me, ‘Made in America’ was a song that did just that. This poetic song revealed a long, dark American history but mixed that dark history with notions of hope for the future.

With this video I do not have an answer. I am not trying to make a final decision, but instead I want to raise questions, I want to start a discussion. I first would like to give appreciation and thanks to Frank Ocean, Kanye West, and Jay-Z for creating such a thought provoking song at this time in their career. But most importantly, I want to trigger emotions and maybe start dialogue about what is means to be ‘made in America’ or what is means to ‘make it in America’ and how do these two ideas relate to your life? – AGTV


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