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Somaya Reece Talks “Love & Hip Hop 2” w/Advice for Kimbella

Somaya Reece was a polarizing figure on season one of Love & Hip-Hop and she’ll be back for more when season two premieres in Novemeber. Vibe Vixen caught up with the aspiring actress/rapper to chat about what she hopes they show next time around and even offers advice to the new girl, Kimbella.

On Returning

It feels good [to return], because the first season, it seemed like it was an attack against [me]. It was supposed to be more about my music, but it ended up showing more of my personal side as far as me moving to New York from L.A. I chose to live the way I did in New York. I have a home in Los Angeles, and I’m well of it L.A. They thought it was funny. It was challenging, but I’m up for the challenge. I always tried to reach out to the girls, because they didn’t understand me or my story. I was doing a lot of things during season 1, but they didn’t show it. They didn’t show my Lionsgate film, my tequila [brand] and clothing line. Hopefully, they’ll show it this time around.

Drama With Kimbella

I can’t say what happened because of contractual reasons, but I’ve met her and she’s a beautiful girl. She’s really über sexy all the time. I don’t really know exactly what the beefs are and what’s going on, [and] I don’t think anyone has gotten the chance to know her. She tries her best to be very nice to me. I don’t judge anybody. I don’t know if it’s the whole cast or not, but there is friction going on there. I don’t know what the reason is because it’s not my business.

Advice For The New Girl

It’s funny because so many people have asked me, ‘How does it feel to not be the villain?’ [Laughs] I will say no matter who decides to come to our show, be yourself. Don’t try to be a whore or act like you’re going to bust a cap in somebody. Don’t turn into somebody else because you’re on television. If you’re going to come on this show with a bunch of strong women, you better know to just be yourself. Especially for [Kimbella], if you’re coming into a situation where you don’t know anyone, be honest because neither of us on the show likes dishonesty. It’s really important to remain honest and true to yourself.

Read more at VIBE Vixen.

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