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J Cole “Cole World: The Sideline Story” Debut at #1

J. Cole is living his dream. The official Soundscan numbers have placed the NC rapper at number-one on music charts.

His debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story, was released last Tuesday (Sept. 27) both online and at retailers. In just one week, Soundscan clocks his album at 217,825 copies sold. More specifically: Digital: 93,174, CD: 124,651.

Cole thanked his fans via Twitter:

So many people to stunt on, fighting the urge to be spiteful. This moment is too important for that. Just want to say THANK YOU.

Thanks to yall, we shook the game up. No chart topping single, just 2 years of hard work, great music and real ass fans. #1 album. Thanks to every fan that held me down, every friend, every blog, magazine, tv, radio station, dj’s and pd’s, I feel like we ALL won

This marks the first time a solo act’s debut album reached the top spot since 2010.

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