Matthew Knowles To Recreate Destiny’s Child


Since the disbandment of Destiny’s Child, there has been an opening for a new female group to capture fans attention. Creator Mathew Knowles has a plan to construct a new band to follow in the footsteps of Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle.

After developing Destiny’s Child into one of the best-selling female groups of all-time, Knowles is attempting to recreate that success. The music mogul recently partnered with MTV for a new reality series dubbed “Breaking From Above.”

“Most reality shows are about putting together groups, this is the opposite,” executive producer Mathew Knowles says about the new show.

The new show will showcase five girls from the UK (Ashley, Daisy, Seyi, Chelsey and Monique) and two from the U.S. (Jasmine and Brandy), taking them on the “ride of their lives.” The seven ladies, handpicked by Knowles, will compete for one of five positions in From Above through Knowles’ trademark Star Power™ Boot Camp of hardcore physical, vocal, media and choreography training.

Knowles will mode each member into their role, insisting “everybody’s role has to be established.” He adds: “If I’m the lead singer, I’ve got to know that, accept that, and all the members have got to accept it.”

“Breaking From Above” premiered in 160 countries this week – not aired in the U.S.

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