“Can We Get Some Real Music Please?…I Hate This B#tch” – Says Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson is a feisty one. Her beefs have been documented. From a beef with Ciara to problems with Beyonce (she reportedly refused to pose for a photo on the Soul Train Awards red carpet while holding up a magazine … because Beyonce was on the cover).

Now, she was caught on camera saying she “hates” pop star Ke$ha.

In the video footage published to PerezHilton.com, Hilson is seen getting her hair and make-up done, and then, as asks her entourage: “Can we get some music now?” after a song by Ke$ha plays on the radio.

“Can we get some real music? I hate this bitch,” she adds.

“Some Ke$ha? Whatever her name is,” a member of her posse sarcastically asks while playing impromptu DJ.

Keri throws her head back and lets out a big laugh before answering, “Some real music!”

Then, Keri laughs again, waves to the camera and says, “Hi, editors!”

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