Houston Record Label Accused of Working for Cocaine Distribution Network

(AllHipHop News) Duane “Hump” Hobbs, the CEO of Sucka Free Records, is accused of being a member of a drug distribution network, that allegedly sold hundreds of kilos of cocaine on a regular basis.

Hobbs ran the Sucka Free imprint, which was home to rapper Lil Flip, from 1998 until 2004, when the two parted ways amidst a contract dispute.
Sucka Free was incorporated in 1998 and by 2002, the label had a deal with Columbia Records to release Lil Flip’s major label debut, Undaground Legend.

According to The Houston Chronicle, prosecutors maintain that Hobbs, 52, quietly was a part of the drug distribution network during that time as well.

The African-American drug distribution network Hobbs was allegedly associated with had ties to top Mexican drug cartels.

According to prosecutors, the organization reached Mexico, Houston, Chicago, Mississippi and other states.

While investigators continue to determine the scope of his involvement, one informant claims that he delivered hundreds of kilos of cocaine to Hobbs, on multiple occasions.

The organization’s drug conspiracy allegedly operated from 1995 until as recently as 2010.

In addition to a number of cooperating witnesses, prosecutors claim they have Hobbs on tape talking a man named Abraham Woods, who was allegedly the drug network’s main link to the Mexican cartels.

(Read More at AllHipHop)

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