Music Exec Andre Harrell Continues His Global Talent Search

Music Industry Icon, Andre Harrell, launched a global talent search accepting Auditions via Blazetrak, back in October. Now the music mogul has announced his talent search has been extended until the end of December. The search will result in a record deal (single) through Harrell Records and/or a production/publishing deal through Harrell Music.

From October 11 through December 30, 2011 artists and aspiring producer/songwriters are invited to submit their best original music and/or performance of a cover (via audio or video) to Mr. Harrell through the Blazetrak platform. Mr. Harrell will personally review each and every submission during the month of December, and all entrants are guaranteed a video response directly from Mr. Harrell, including his expert critique of the submission (submission fee: 9 Blazetrak credits).

Ultimately, on January 10th, Mr. Harrell will announce the selected recipient of the record deal or production/publishing deal via VIBE.com.

Andre Harrell is the creator of Uptown Records, former President of Motown Records, and responsible for architecting the careers of several music superstars including Jodeci, Mary J Blige, and Sean “Diddy” Combs.

He is currently running his own label distributed through Atlantic and hosts his own radio show on NYC 98.7 WKRS FM.

Send your submission to Andre at Blazetrak.com/AndreHarrell

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