Keith Murray Speaks On Controversy Surrounding Beating Up 2Pac

New York rap vet Keith Murray stirred up some controversy in 2010 when a clip surfaced where he discussed a confrontation with Tupac.

The RugahTV interview was misinterpreted, Murray claims. While some thought that he was saying he beat up the late hip-hop legend, Murray recently clarified his comments in an interview with ThisIs50.com, denying he ever said that he and Pac actually fought.

Instead, he says they spoke, discussed their issues and at the end, shook hands.

“That’s some dumb sh** to say that I beat Tupac Shakur up,” Murray said. “First of all, I want to give a shout out to Afeni Shakur, she may have seen it. If you look at the clip, you’ll see that I never said that I beat Tupac up; I said that we squared off in the House of Blues…”

If you know you’re hip-hop history, Tupac released some diss records aimed at LL Cool J and Murray in the 1990s. Why? Murray says Pac was angry over LL’s song, “I Shot Ya,” which he thought was released and referring to his infamous 1994 shooting at New York’s Quad Recording Studios.

So, when he ran into Murray at the House of Blues in 1995, there was rumors that they got into a scuffle. But, Murray says that’s far from the truth. According to the Def Squad emcee, he and ‘Pac did have a heated exchange about the intent of he and LL’s track, but the conversation ended amicably.

Murray added that the rumors came from a media outlet that took his words out of context.

“When he got shot [in ’94], he thought that we all made that record ‘I Shot Ya’ with LL Cool J about him,” Murray explained. “When I seen him [in the House of Blues], I said, ‘Nah, we ain’t talking about you,’ we shook hands at the end of the night and that was that … I would never disrespect Tupac. When I first met him, it was in New York. I seen him, and I said, ‘You the sh**,’ and he said ‘No, you the sh**.’”

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