Actress/Singer Teyana Taylor Released From Pharrell’s Star Trak | Putting Out ‘G.O.O.D. Music’

After growing up in the industry, Teyana Taylor is continuing to focus on her music. Teyana has announced that she has parted ways with Pharrell’s Star Trak Records and Interscope Records. After six years of calling the labels home, Teyana is now a free agent. During an interview with DJ Skee, Teyana spoke on the move and parting ways with Skateboard P.

“I officially got my release from Star Trak/Interscope. I’ve been signed with them for six years,” Teyana said to DJ Skee.

In regards to why we haven’t gotten much music from Teyana, the Harlem native blames it on business and label politics.

“They see the glory, but don’t know the story. When there’s not music being put out or you’re not moving, they automatically blame it on you, like, you’re not doing anything. What do you do, not knowing the politics of the music industry.”

Now with no label binding her, Teyana plans to drop some free music for her fans who have supported her throught her career. She will be releasing her EP on February 29, with features from Jadakiss, Meek Mill, and Wale. Her single with Jada drops on Valentine’s Day.

And don’t think because she isn’t signed to the house Pharrell built anymore that there is beef between them. T.T. ensures everything is all good between her and the BBC/ Ice Cream Clothing founder.

“Everybody bowed out gracefully. There was no beef. I love Interscope, I love Star Trak. It’s always love for Pharrell; that’s my big brother. Now it’s time for me to go from a caterpillar to a butterfly. I had to fly away from the nest and venture out on my own.”

Check out her interview with DJ Skee below:

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