Waka Flocka Launches Anti-Bullying Campaign

Last night Waka Flocka launched his Brick Squad Monopoly snapback and his anti-bullying campaign, with the help of SEA Brand Clothing and Complex magazine.

Waka brought over 5.2 million of his fans together to choose a cause that he could support in 2012 and they selected anti-bullying. Fans helped him design the snapback cap with SEA Brand Clothing, from which proceeds will be donated to the Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

Supported by the likes of Ellen Degeneres and more, the campaign will help to shine a light on the increasingly growing problem of bullying in inner city schools. The founders of SEA, Zee and David stated, “It’s been a pleasure working with Waka. He’s sincere about wanting to use his platform to do something good, for his fans and the anti-bullying cause they care about. Ane he loves SEA hats and gave them his stamp of approval, many times over. Count it!”–

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