Acrylick Unveils Upcoming Collabo With Online Music Community Beatport

Southern Cali streetwear brand Acrylick recently revealed a new collaboration with online music store/community Beatport for a series of tees, based around music.

The collabo consists of three designs, which both companies feel best represent their brands. The designs include Univeral Mind, which features a woman with some sort of astronaut helmet on; Repeat, which boast a repeating graphic of Beatport’s logo; and Around The World, which lists off various cities around the world.

The designs are “all influenced by the idea of music being capable of reaching the world,” Acrylick says.

“It’s power does not linger in the area where it was first created/produced, but travels to places the musician would have never thought,” the clothing brand says of the collabo’s designs. “This idea of having no barriers, and being limitless is a positive one, which has the ability to inspire many to create. No matter what field an individual is in, we should know that the hard work and time we put in will not be of waste, but rather, it will have the ability to go as far as our dreams will take them.”

The Around The World and Repeat tees are available in three colorways, while the Universal Mind tee is available in black.

The Acrylick x Beatport collabo pack is set to drop in late February. For more info, visit

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