‘Eleven Rings’ Memoir Of Phil Jackson Coming 2013

Since retiring from his post as the Los Angeles Lakers head coach last summer, Phil Jackson has kept a low profile … and hasn’t said much about his former team.

However, people expect him to do the talking in his upcoming book.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Jackson is prepping his memoir, titled Eleven Rings, slated to drop sometime in 2013.

While details are still scarce, the title suggests that it will focus on his 19-year coaching career, which boasts 11 NBA championships, 13 NBA Finals appearances, and 229 playoff wins.

The paper says fans and media-types will “clamor for his take on the Lakers’ four-game sweep by the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 Western Conference semifinals and the ensuing personnel changes.”

If his last book, The Last Season, shows anything … Jackson isn’t afraid to be honest. After all, he delved into the 2003-04 season, explained why he considered Kobe Bryant “uncoachable,” how he dealt with the Bryant-Shaquille O’Neal feud, and detailed how the Lakers’ front office let him go.

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