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John Legend Debut “Extra-Ordinary Tebow” Song: Tribute To Tebow [Video]

As Tebowing transforms into the new planking, R&B singer John Legend praised the famed Denver Broncos quarterback in his own way by performing a live rendition of “Extra-ordinary Tebow” on ESPN’s First Take.

Legend, an avid sports fan, joined host Jay Crawford and debaters Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith to debut the remix of his original hit “Ordinary People.” The idea for the spoof not only came from the rhyming words “people” and “Tebow” but follows the hilarious DJ Steve Porter mashup of Bayless’ Tebow tribute “All He Does Is Win.”

“The season of Tim Tebow has led to months of barbershop debate on First Take. And, of course, the debates led to a couple original songs,” said the show’s coordinating producer Jamie Horowitz.

“We debuted “All He Does Is Win” a few months ago and have been trying to find a proper way to button the Tebow season ever since. When John asked to join the show, we figured it was the perfect match.”

Watch the multi-Grammy award winner sing homage to the star quarterback below

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