Jay-Z Short Changed His Own Charity? ‘Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers DON’T’

Isn’t it a responsibility to give back if you’re fortunate enough? We see people who are far from rich giving back all the time, but when you have as much money as a Jay-Z and a Beyonce, it should be required.

Apparently, the hip-hop power couple don’t feel the same.

In a story by The Daily, dubbed “Uncharitable Rap,” a writer reports that Jay and B raked in a combined $150 million in 2010 … but gave just $6,431 to his own charity that year.

This is according to tax records for the Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund, obtained by the publication.

While records don’t show much personal contributions, Jay does donate his time. He is scheduled to perform two benefit concerts at Carnegie Hall in New York City, splitting the proceeds between his charity and the United Way of New York. With tickets ranging from $150 to $15,000, it would be a quite healthy charitable amount.

Jay-Z’s rep, Jana Fleishman, declined to comment about cash donations made by the rapper, but tells The Daily he contributes in other ways.

“Jay, along with his family, provided office support, overhead support, [mother] Mrs. Gloria Carter’s 100% effort and time, computers, FedEx expenses, accounting, and treasury function support. This was at no cost to the charity,” Fleishman said in an email.

Tax records show that the “other ways” Fleishman noted was $1,209 for office expenses, $1,401 for telephone, and $4,696 in other expenses … at least, in 2010. Tax returns for his charity in 2011 have yet to be released.

She also added that a Jay-Z performance helped raise $1.25 million for the charity at its Carnival at Pier 54 event. While time is also a good way to give back, The Daily asks: Does performing at such events mean he’s off the hook for making old-fashioned, cash contributions?

“The average American gives about 3.5 percent of their income to charity, according to the Giving Back Fund. Various major religions suggest donating 10 percent of one’s income to charity,” the website said in its piece. “By contrast, Jay-Z — whose net worth Forbes puts at $420 million — gave about 0.01 percent of his estimated income to his own charity in 2010.”

As far as his Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation, it reportedly received just three donations in 2010, totaling $218,849. Pharmaceutical company Kinray gave $200,000; MissionFish gave $12,418; and Jay-Z gave a $6,431 cash contribution.

That year, it awarded $124,000 in scholarships, and spent $23,744 on college tours and $20,223 for a toy drive in the impoverished Brooklyn neighborhood where Jay-Z grew up.

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