UrbanEars 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

Urbanears releases two annual collections, in which color plays a major part. A typical collection includes seven colors from the previous collection and a handful of new ones. And, with its 2012 Spring/Summer Collection of flashy, bright colors, Urbanears reminds us that Spring is just around the corner.

Three new dazzling colors are joining the Urbanears family this spring — Sage, Grape and Cream. As always, choosing these colors was based on having an equal mix between dark and light shades, feminine and masculine nuances, and classic elementary colors as well as more unbalanced shades.

Sage is cool green shade named after the popular herb. “Occasionally we ask customers what colors they’d like to see in future collections of Urbanears. One of the responses we received was from a customer in Switzerland who sent us a swatch of what ultimately turned into Sage,” the headphone company explains. “Deliciously fuchsia in color, Grape is the perfect blend of blue and pink hues. Whether you’re taking a stroll through a vineyard, or you’re riding the subway, Urbanears’ Grape headphones are a natural fit in any environment.”

Not to be confused with C.R.E.A.M., Cream is the perfect color for spring. It’s slightly off-white in color, with a slightly yellow tint – like fresh cream delivered straight from the farm.

The new colors come in four different kinds of head phones: Bagis, which is the most basic earbud, costing $35, Tanto, this being a $40 non-over-ear headphone, Medis, an Ear Click set of in-ear earbuds ringing in at $50, and of course the Plattan, a $60 pair of over-ear headphones.

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