Mike Epps Talks New 4th “Friday” Movie

The Breakfast Club crew sat down with Mike Epps for an update on his recent projects.
During their chat, Epps also touched on Whitney Houston’s passing, sharing his thoughts of the somber moment when he heard the news.
“[I was] about to go on stage and they told me Whitney Houston had passed. It’s crazy but I think that Whitney is in a better place, she’s probably better off than us really. Whitney Houston’s gone and Bobby’s still here…ain’t that some shit. She was a real woman, she sold more albums than the Beatles.”
Epps also talked about the fourth and supposedly last installment of the “Friday” series. “I’ve been talking to Ice Cube, they’re trying to get the script together and I’m trying to make sure I get paid right on this movie or there is going to be another Friday without me in it either.” He adds, “I told Ice Cube, you can’t pay me in T-shirts and CD’s on this movie.”
The Friday star nudged at the possibility of getting Katt Williams on the cast

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