EMI Sues Cash Money Records For Failure To Pay Royalties

Cash Money Records, the label that Birdman built alongside his brother Slim and hip-hop superstar Lil Wayne, has been accused of failing to pay royalties … again.

According to Courthouse News Service, music giant EMI filed a lawsuit against Cash Money Records in a Manhattan court recently, alleging that the label has failed to pay royalties for various samples they’ve used from their catalog.

Cash Money owes more than $491,000 in royalties, and has ceased making quarterly payments to EMI. So, they were forced to file suit, according to court docs.

“Because [Cash Money Records] has ignored numerous communications from EMI regarding [Cash Money’s] contractual obligations, EMI once more is being forced to commence a lawsuit against [Cash Money Records] to recover royalty payments,” the complaint states. “The sales of [Cash Money Records’] products have far exceeded the payments that EMI has received.

“It is clear from [Cash Money’s] conduct that it has no intention of honoring the Agreement,” the complaint continues.

The lawsuit from EMI is just the latest in a long list of legal actions taken against the label for the exact same complaint over the years, specifically from producers who claim they were never compensated for their contributions to various Cash Money releases.

Previous artists who’ve filed suit include producer Bangladesh, producer T-Mix, Done Deal Enterprises, producer David Kirkwood, Bridgeport Music, “Lollipop” producer Deezle, and others.

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