Former NBA Star Dennis Rodman “Broke & Extremely Sick”

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is considered one of the league’s best rebounders and defensive players of all-time, and during his 14-year stint as a basketball pro, he raked in a lot of money. So, it’s sad to hear that he’s virtually broke.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the 51-year-old former athlete is “extremely sick,” “broke” and is in no position to pay hefty child and spousal support payments, as stated in court documents.

The paper says Rodman was due in court on Tuesday (March 27) for failure to pay spousal and child support, and could face nearly two years in jail.

The retired NBA star has three children from two different wives, and reported owes $808,935 in back child support for the 9- and 10-year-old children he had with his third wife, Michelle Rodman, as of March 1st.

He also owes another $51,441 through March 1 in back spousal support, said her Michelle’s attorney Jack Kayajanian, in court documents, as well as his ex-wife’s attorneys’ fees.

Despite the demands, Rodman’s attorney, Linnea Willis, claims he’s barely capable of paying his own living expenses, let alone the $5,000 he has for one child from another relationship, and the $4,500 monthly payment for spousal and child support to Michelle Rodman.

How can he afford lawyers you ask? Well, the attorneys who have represented him to date have worked pro bono, Willis said.

“Respondent Dennis Rodman is broke and cannot afford any additional fees,” court documents filed on his behalf read.

He is also “extremely sick” and his marketability is diminishing with age and illness, the court documents said.

During Rodman’s years in the NBA, he played with the Los Angeles Lakers for a short stint during the 1998-99 season and then the Dallas Mavs in 1999-2000 for his last season in the league. By then, the aging player played sparingly and was eventually waived … before playing several seasons overseas.

However, during his long career, he played on championship squads with the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls (alongside Michael Jordan), winning five championship rings. Rodman also led the NBA in rebounds seven consecutive seasons, won the NBA Defensive Player of the Year twice, and was named an All-Star twice as well.

In August 2011, Rodman was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, and gave an emotional speech where he expressed his love for the game that made him a celebrity and very rich.

When his third wife filed for divorce, he listed his monthly expenses as more than $30,000, according to a 2004 article in the Los Angeles Times. Michelle Rodman listed her monthly expenses as $17,000.

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