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Diggy Simmons Responds To His Leaked J. Cole Diss [Video + Audio]

Diggy Simmons has broken his silence on the leaked J. Cole diss that became public this weekend. Rap fans are still scratching their heads, trying to figure out the, “why, how, and when,” the track “Say What You Say To Me” came to fruition.

Well, in a radio interview with 99.1 KGGI, Rev Run’s son was asked about the origins of the song. Without hesitation, he calmy gave a straight answer.
“[There’s] no big story behind it. It was really just that my sister told me [Cole] was saying that he did this, that and the third with her, because, you know, they went to the same college. But they didn’t even really know each other like that,” Diggy told the radio host. “She also told me that he subliminally talked about her, in a song called “Purple Rain,” which was also false.”
Diggy continued by saying he was just sticking up for his sister Vanessa and family, and it wasn’t his camp who leaked the track. In fact, the young Jet Setter says he recorded the song last February and didn’t feel it was “appropriate” to release.
J.Cole has yet to respond.

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