Diddy “Paris Is Burning” Official Trailer

During this past Fashion Week in Paris, Diddy took the last train to the place where style is appreciated on his super ballin’ level. Not only did he swag out his gear and soak up the love of the city, but the Bad Ciroc Boy CEO reconciled with his former protege/artist, rapper Shyne. The photo of the two seated in the front row of one of the fashion shows was the buzz of Twitter once Diddy Instagramed the pic to the masses. Jugding from the crossed legs and serious faces, the fellas swept any drama from their 1999 New York City shooting under the rug.
In this clip, Diddy shows you how to embrace the opulance that comes with being the man that he is. While rushing to his awaiting fans, Diddy makes a cool introduction to the viewers, “Paris is burning, you can smell the smoke. We in this muthafucka, fo’ sho’, fo’ sho’. Swagger on a zillion-trillion. Let’s go.” The black and white film is directed by Julien Bachelet. Be on the look out for the complete project soon.

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