FKi – ‘Standin On The Table Blowin Reefa Wit My Patnas’ (Official Video)


Who is FKi?

Who would have known that two teenagers engaging in a classroom squabble over Jay Z and Nas would become one of Atlanta’s most comprehensive music duos? No one knew, but I’m sure a slew of fans are glad it happened. History has shown time and time again, that through turmoil arises harmony and rapport and FKi are indeed an instance of this.

FKi, comprised of Raye Rich and 1st Down, maintained their friendship through high school and even college. They went off to Florida where they both attended Full Sail University for audio engineering. There they were able to continue building their friendship through the love of music forming what we know today as FKi. Once they returned from graduating and earning their bachelor’s degrees they began working, but not as artists. They relied on their skills as audio engineers to really get their foot in the door.

After engineering for quite a few people and better building their craft, FKi had the opportunity to work at Collipark Music; Atlanta based production studio and record label responsible for artists such as Ying Yang Twins, & Soulja Boy. It was there where the two met Mr. Hanky who then introduced them to Travis Porter. One thing lead to another and FKi saw their selves in Mr. Hanky’s basement where the production of “Make It Rain” and “Bring it Back” were brought to life.

FKi began to get their productions placed with various artists, such as Ludacris, Iggy Azalea, Cash Out, Juicy J and more gaining them even more popularity. They had also been releasing songs of their own allowing fans to recognize them, not only as engineers and producers, but as artists. Before they knew it, the two were doing shows all over the United States which included the opportunity to showcase their talent at A3C in 2011, South by Southwest in 2012, and joining A3C for another go round in 2012. 1st Down was even invited to join the producer’s panel during A3C 2012.

FKi’s sound is so extensive that there is no genre to put it in. Their music is definitely a heterogeneous sound of glitch hop, hip hop, bass and trap music. This sound was completely revealed in their mixtape Tranformers N The Hood Presented by international DJ/sound curator Diplo, Atlantans Heroes x Villains, and Mayhem [Feb. 1, 2012]. They have said to have drown inspiration from various producers and artists such as Timbaland, Daft Punk, System of A Down, Jay-Z, Gucci Mane, Wacka Flocka, Lil Jon, Mr. Collipark and Feist. And the influences don’t stop there. FKi are due to release a follow up mixtape to TNTH early 2013. This is only the beginning, but so far FKi are a force that can’t be stopped.

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