Dr. Dre Says He’s Inspired Now…Detox..?…Maybe?


Dr. Dre is getting his Beats By Dre money, but apparently, he’s itching to get back into the studio. Detox anyone?

In a new interview with the L.A. Weekly, the hip-hop legend said he’s “inspired” to get back to his “first love,” after donating $70 million — alongside Jimmy Iovine — to USC for their upcoming degree program.

“I’m more inspired to go back into the studio now,” Dre said. “Beats is rolling, this [USC] thing is happening, and it’s incredible. Now I’m ready to go back to my first love.”

He did, however, said he doesn’t plan to work on any specific project.

“I’m going back to the studio,” Dre explained. “Not for any specific reason, but just to record because I love to record music. I’m going back in and hopefully the next Kendrick Lamar or the next Eminem walks in the door and I can work with that artist. I’m going to record forever.”

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