‘Kanye Actually Came To Cash Money Looking For A Deal’ – Mannie Fresh [Video]


From dropping out of school to being rejected by multiple labels — a journey he wonderfully detailed on The College Dropout closer, “Last Call” — Kanye’s inspiring come-up is pretty well documented. But in a recent sit-down with Vlad TV, Mannie Fresh revealed a fun fact about Yeezy that isn’t so well-known. The former Big Tymer told that Kanye actually came to Cash Money looking for a deal back in the day. The label eventually signed Mikkey Halsted, a rapper ‘Ye was working closely with at the time, but Mannie did lend the Chicago upstart some production equipment.

Boy, what a story it would have been if Yeezy and Weezy came up on the same team together!

[Kanye] actually came to Cash Money looking for a deal, and I been knowing him since then… When [Kanye and Mikkey] first came as a group, he didn’t have no equipment so I lent him my equipment. This was my first introduction to him, and the only thing I can say is it was a blessing, because he came back and looked back.

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