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Large Professor Says Nas’ Final Version Of “Ether” Was ‘Watered Down’



Because eight minutes isn’t near enough time to mull over the subject (even over a decade after it all went down), Large Professor shares more interesting tidbits on the storied Jay-Z-Nas beef in part three of his appearance on The Combat Jack Show. Extra P detailed the studio session with Nas after “Takeover” dropped (“He was just writing and no one was talking, nothing… it was like, Yo, we gon’ get him”) and revealed that the final version of “Ether” was actually watered down. Man, what a different story that could have been for Hov…

“Ether” was watered down. How it came out, it was watered down. There were a lot of darts that were getting ready to be shot back. Nas is a thinker, man; he’s a crucial thinker. He thought it out and he got it right. I’ll leave it at that.


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