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What Do You Get When You Put Gucci Mane + Marilyn Manson On A Track? A ‘Fancy B*tch”


Just when you thought Paris Hilton’s signing to Young Money would be the strangest thing you’ll hear all month, Gucci Mane has announced he recorded a song with Marilyn Manson. The track’s titled “Fancy Bitch,” and Gucci calls it “one of the craziest records ever made.” How the hell did these two link up, you ask? Guwop and Marilyn hit it off at the Spring Breakers premiere in L.A. back in March, made a trip to the studio afterwards and worked ’til 6am, according to The FADER. Apparently, Manson wrote the hook and even laid down a rap verse, with a little help from his Bricksquad buddy.

That’s my boy man. We got the dopest record in the world, me and Marilyn. Me and him got one of the craziest records ever made. We made it whatever day Spring Breakers came out in Cali. He came to the sneak premiere, and after we did the red carpet and watched the movie, me and him went to the studio and made us a record. That’s the day that we met and began being friends. He’s cool as hell, I fuck with him hard. He ain’t the averagest white boy. He got swag. Me and him together, he don’t get on my nerves. I can stomach being around him. He cool.

– Miss Info

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