Damon Dash Slapped With $2.8 Mil Tax Lien


Damon Dash’s financial problems continue, as the once prominent hip-hop mogul gets slapped with a multi-million dollar tax lien.

According to, the IRS has filed a federal tax lien against Dash, claiming he owes over $2.8 million in unpaid taxes — $2.61 from 2005, and $187,500 from 2011.

The tax issues of the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder, and former business partner of Jay-Z, are no secret. Back in 2011, he poked fun at the situation, saying he owed more than was being reported by the media.

“I owe way more than $2 million in taxes,” Dash said, before explaining why. “When you’re a business man, you have a lot of businesses, a lot of times they think you’re laundering money or you’re pretending you’re writing things off that you don’t. I’m a true businessman. As you know, I believe in my independence, I have no partners, so every dollar I make goes right back into every business I have.”

Despite Dash’s money issues, Jay-Z remains atop multiple Forbes’ annual lists.

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